About Lytle

Lytle is ideally located about 23 miles southwest of San Antonio, so its residents can commute easily to their jobs and enjoy the small town atmosphere, as well as all the attractions of nearby San Antonio.

Lytle was founded in 1882 when a railroad station was established.  It remained a township until 1951 when it became an incorporated city.

Present day Lytle is being called the fastest growing city in Atascosa County.  The current population is estimated at 2,800, but city leaders feel it's just a matter of time before Lytle's population soars due to expected developments.  With these new ventures anticipated in the near future and the already added population due to the annexation of Lake Shore Estates, this thriving city typifies its motto, "Lytle - A City on the Grow".

Did You Know...?
Lytle is one of 48 Texas cities located in three counties.  Lytle is located in:
  • Atascosa County
  • Bexar County
  • Medina County