Fire Code / Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal Patch

In April 2009, the Lytle Police Department assumed the duties of the City Fire Marshal’s Office. Chief Richard Priest and Lieutenant Matthew Dear were appointed as Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshal respectively. Both have a background in the fire service.

Prior to appointment they both completed the necessary training and are certified and licensed by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as Fire Inspectors and Arson Investigators. Those assigned to the Fire Marshal’s Division perform the job function in addition to their other Lytle Police Department duties.


Some of the duties of the Fire Marshal Division include:

  • Investigating all fires that occur in the City limits
  • Enforcing the fire code through fire inspections.
  • Providing fire prevention related education to the public
  • Providing a plan review and permit process for commercial construction and renovations

If you have questions or concerns for the Fire Marshal’s Division, please contact the Lytle Police Department at (830) 709-0277.