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Message from Chief Priest

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I consider it to be an honor to serve as the Chief of Police for this fine City. I began wearing the chief’s badge on October 18, 1999. I live in the City of Lytle and have family here. As a citizen, I expect the highest level of service possible from the City. As the Police Chief, my goal is to provide that service.

Residents can be assured that all members of our Department are well-qualified, compassionate individuals who serve the citizens of Lytle because they want to. Simply put, our Department is not made up of officers who can’t get a job anywhere else. I am also proud of the men and women who volunteer for the Lytle Police Department Civilian Auxiliary who have greatly added to our ability to serve the community. I will continue my goal to improve the service that our citizens receive. To do this, we will always work to recruit and retain well-qualified employees and volunteers.

I am very proud of my staff and the work they do to keep Lytle a safe place to live and work. Our officers truly protect and serve. I also pledge to remain current and involved in modern law enforcement practices and technology. I have enjoyed the last 20 years as the Chief of Police and truly feel that this is where I am supposed to be. I look forward to many more years serving this community.


Richard "Richey" Priest
Chief of Police

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