Building Permits


Building Permits are to be obtained by the property owner or the contractor of a project prior to starting any construction. Contractors must provide proof that they are registered with the State of Texas. Building permits are required for:

  • Any new additions, dwellings or business
  • Any new construction, dwelling or business
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Gazebos
  • Storage sheds
  • Swimming pools (above and in-ground)
  • etc.

Traffic Impact Analysis

A new development with high-traffic demands will need to provide a Traffic impact Analysis (TIA). The TIA study looks at development size and use and determines the effect of that use on existing roadway system. Traffic Impact Analysis studies are required for:

  • master development plans
  • planned unit developments
  • plats
  • building permits consistent with City of Lytle Ordinance No.22-07

Traffic Impact Analysis Form

Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance No. 22-07

Permit Cost

The cost of a building permit is determined by the number of inspections required for the project. Each inspector charges $100.00 per inspection.

Example: A new home requires ten (10) inspections. The cost of the permit is $1,000.00. ($100.00 per inspection)

If you are placing a pre-built storage shed in a residential area and the shed will be without plumbing, electrical or concrete slab, inspections will not be required.

The cost for such permits is a $5.00 fee.


When submitting a set of plans or drawings, keep in mind that council has passed an ordinance that the plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors need to be a MASTER in their respective trade. Each contractor will need to register with the city before the building permit will be issued. (This entails supplying the city with a copy of your master pocket card where you are registered within the state of Texas, a copy of a valid driver's license, and a certificate of insurance. A 1 million bondage certificate of insurance is needed for plumbing contractors).


An excavation permit is to be obtained if any digging is to be done in the city’s right of way. The contractor will have to come into the city office and get an excavation permit.

Apply for Building Permits

We are now taking building permits online, please click here to register and apply for permits.

If you fail to acquire a building permit prior to the start of construction, the cost of the permit is double. NOTE: Earthwork is considered construction.