Effective JANUARY 1, 2014

Fee TypeAmount
Water Tapping Fee$1,000
Water Meter Deposit (Renter)$100
Water Meter Deposit (Owner)$50
Gas Tapping Fee$250
Gas Meter Deposit (Renter)$150
Gas Meter Deposit (Owner)$75
Sewer Tapping Fee$750
Sewer Deposit (Renter)$50
Sewer Deposit (Owner)$25
Street Cutting Fee$100
Solid Waste Deposit (Renter)$50
Solid Waste Deposit (Owner)$20
Reconnection Fee$30

Impact fees are also due for water and sewer, and a water acquisition fee is due for water in order to obtain service.

Fee TypeCost
Water Impact Fee$2,188.33*
Sewer Impact Fee$3,321.18*
Water Acquisition Fees$1,800.00**

* Impact Fees change every four to five years. Current fees adopted August 2022.
** Water Acquisition Fees change when the price of water rights increases.