Emergency Siren Alerting System

The City of Lytle takes alerting its citizens of ensuing emergency situations or disasters serious. For this reason, the city has four emergency alerting sirens located in various locations within the city. These sirens are activated at the direction of the Emergency Management Coordinator or his designee.

The City of Lytle tests the emergency siren system the fourth Thursday of each month at 10 am unless there is severe weather in the area.

Tornado Warning

A tornado has been reported in the immediate vicinity or the approach of a severe thunderstorm.

Signal: Three blasts on siren - ten seconds each, two seconds between blasts, repeat one time.

Take Cover Immediately

A tornado has been reported on the ground in the City of Lytle or within two or three miles moving in the direction of the city.

Signal: Four blasts on siren - fifteen seconds each, two seconds between blasts, repeat one time

Disaster / Possible Evacuation

Train wreck, explosion, chemical spill, terrorist attack or any life-threatening situation where evacuation of the City may be necessary.

Signal: Two blasts on siren - twenty seconds each, five seconds between blasts, repeat two times

All Clear Signal

Signal: One blast on siren, one minute each, thirty seconds between blasts, repeat three times