History - John Lott

Just after World War II, Lytle had a live-wire Chamber of Commerce with Dr. W.H. Joyce as President. They had a May Day celebration, Miss Lytle contest, and raised enough money together with property owner participation to pave the streets of Lytle. They made plans and called an election for a water system and sewer system for the town, but were defeated at the polls. This defeat took the steam out of and killed that Chamber of Commerce.

A year or two later, another group took up the battle to get Lytle on the move. This group, headed by W.C. Loessberg, gathered some volunteers and did a sales pitch before the election and successfully got the City of Lytle incorporated by an election on October 27, 1951. The vote was 88 for and 75 against incorporation. On January 12, 1952, a special election was held electing C.H. Eastman as Mayor, and C.W. Williamson, Van E. McDonald, V.W. Martin and W.C. Loessberg, as aldermen. H.W. Whitney was elected City Marshal. The Lytle Chamber of Commerce loaned the city $200.00 to finance the original expenses of getting started.

The first taxes were levied in 1953 for a total of $1,843.72 and were based on the school valuations within the city limits at $.50 per $100.00. The first tax collector was B.L. Riley. Mike Habarka was the first Fire Marshal and Myron Lamparty was the first Chief of Police.

Sometime in late 1954 or early 1955, Mayor C.H. Eastman and aldermen V.W. Martin, Van E. McDonald, George R. Meyer, W.C. Loessberg and John Lott, met five nights a week for six weeks from 7:00 p.m. to midnight, meeting valuations on all property in the City and holding equalization board meetings. Mr V.W. Martin surveyed the city limits. Volunteers were then called upon to canvass the City, to sign people up for City water service, and to sell them on a bond election. The bond election was held May 28, 1955, and the vote was 86 for and 58 against. The Edwards well was drilled first, and after an adequate water supply was assured, the contract was let for the rest of the water system.

Mr. W.C. Loessberg acted as City Secretary until May 1, 1956, when Mr. and Mrs Ollie Courtney were hired as Water Superintendent and City Secretary.

The Lytle Volunteer Fire Department was started in 1955 by Dr. W.H. Joyce, its first President.

The same successful groundwork used in getting the City incorporated and selling the people on a bond election for a water system was used in obtaining the gas system in 1960 and the sewer system in 1961, and the town has been growing ever since. More streets were paved in 1971, and old streets repaved in the fall of 1973. The garbage service started operating in October of 1974, and the ambulance in May of 1974.

Today Lytle is a growing, throbbing, aggressive city of fine dedicated people. When you turn on the water faucet, light the heater, take a shower, or call for an ambulance or the fire department, just remember that a tremendous amount of volunteer work was done by a lot of people to get these conveniences and services for you. A lot of work remains to be done, and it is being done by civic minded volunteers for the good of their fellowmen and posterity.