Non-Paid Reserve Police Officer


Applicants who apply to become non-paid peace officers must meet the same entry level standards as those applying for full-time positions. Applicants must :

Service & Assignments

Once accepted, volunteers are required to provide 16 hours per month of service. Non-paid police officers have full law enforcement authority both on and off duty. They traditionally start in the Patrol Division but are subject to any assignment or division. Non-paid officers are also able to advance in rank.

Non-paid officers currently serve in various specialty units such as:

Non-paid officers in our department come from various backgrounds. Some were former full-time officers who have changed careers. Others have established careers outside of law enforcement and they choose to serve their fellow citizens by volunteering as police officers.

Non-paid officers receive the same training and support as full-time officers and they wear the same uniform. By volunteering, non-paid officers save taxpayers thousands of dollars a year.