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Alderman District 3 Update

Jul 14

Update from City Council Meeting of July 12, 2021

Posted on July 14, 2021 at 10:30 AM by Matthew Dear

July 13, 2021

Update from City Council Meeting of July 12, 2021


The Lytle VFW Post #12041 asked and the City Council approved funds for a 9-11 20th Anniversary Observance and Celebration to be held in and around Lytle on September 11. The sequence of planned events include:

A Memorial—Moment of Silence at the VFW Memorial on Main Street

Freedom Walk from John Lott Part to the VFW Memorial on Main Street

Car Show

1st Annual Purple Heart Run/Walk

Fireworks Display

In the park throughout the day there will be food truck vendors, a car show, bands, and a group called “Irreverent Warriors” who will present a program on Suicide Awareness. The Lytle ISD and the Lytle Chamber of Commerce will assist the VFW.

Please make plans to attend and tell your neighbors as well as your friends and family, both nearby and far away, about this special event.

Speeding on certain city streets has become a problem. To try to get people to slow down and be safe, the speed limit on several city streets will be reduced to 25 mph. The speed limit change will take effect when new speed limit signs are put up. The streets affected will be Diaz Street in Coalmine, Somerset/North Somerset from the beginning of city maintenance on FM 3175 to Laredo Street, North Benton Street from Main Street to Lake Street, North Prairie Street from Main Street to the junction of North Prairie Street and FM 2790, and Lytle Somerset Street.

If you’ve been wondering what is going into the building formerly occupied by Topis Mexican Restaurant on Main Street at North Somerset, wonder no more. The Railhead Restaurant will be moving from its present location, right across the street in the near future.

The recent rains have caused a number of problems around the city. Grass is growing almost too quickly to keep up with. Many areas around Lytle have suffered from flooding. Some city streets have growing potholes. The City Council is looking at various options to solve the reoccurring flooding problems in certain spots around the city and in Coalmine. Needless to say, the fixes won’t be cheap and they won’t happen immediately. The Public Works Department is working on some short-term fixes by removing dirt and grass buildup along certain roads. I’ll let you know when we have some solid plans to address this problem. The Public Works Department has procured some repair material to begin patching potholes. The recent rains have slowed their progress and has worsened the pothole problems. The City Council understands that patching potholes is a temporary fix. Please let me know if there are potholes near your house that need to be filled. We are developing plans to do some major street resurfacing in the near future. Again, I’ll let you know when we finalize our plans.


Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

The next City Council meeting is July 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the City Hall. These are open meetings so everyone is welcome to come.



Jul 13

7.13.21 District 3 Update

Posted on July 13, 2021 at 5:42 PM by Matthew Dear

Welcome to my webpage. 

I was elected in May 2021 to represent District 3 in Lytle, Texas. In order to serve you the best I can I feel it is important to have two-way communications with my constituents. My desire is that this webpage is a good vehicle for good communications.

My plan is to post periodic updates here and to also send them out via email to people in District 3 who subscribe for the updates. People who don’t live in District 3 can also subscribe. To subscribe, simply send an email to my City Council email address with your email address. My City Council email address is

I will use my updates to give you a synopsis of City Council meetings, to share news about things happening in Lytle, and to seek your feedback on various issues. 

Please sign up for my updates and please tell others in District 3 about them. I often say, “communication is king.” I really believe that. Let’s communicate!

Serving you,             

David Emery, Alderman

District 3